Life in Northeast Ohio

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The Christmas Story House and Museum.

This month is the uber cool Steve Siedlecki. Steve is the curator of the Christmas Story House and Museum. He sat down with me way back on 6/21/12 to talk all things "A Christmas Story." Programming note: Part of the audio file was corrupted over the 6 months since I recorded the podcast but I was able to rescue most of the interview. Though, sadly the audio seems disjointed. Thanks for your patience and enjoy.

The Christmas Story House and Museum

Good to Go in Stow

Debby LeBeau had dreamed of opening her own resteraunt for years. Through an agressive business plan, passion in her craft, belief in her skills and the ability to cover a dirt floor she started Good to Go in Stow. Hear her story and then head on over to 3226 Kent Road, Stow, OH and check it out.



Sadly, since the posting of this episode, Debby passed away and Good to Go in Stow closed. It was an honor and pleasure to be able to hear her story.

Good to Go in Stow