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Holiday Special 2018 Part Two

Happy Holidays from The Panel Scanners. We’re talking what things we want to try that we’ve not gotten around to, Phil and Darren deliver recommendations on current comics they are reading, and Darren has a RetroActive Review of "The New Teen Titans (DC: 1980).

The Panel Scanners Episode 78

Tim, Phil, and Darren talk Christopher Nolan's 2008 defiant classic "The Dark Knight" as it turns 10. Darren has a RetroActive Review of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's first collaboration "Challengers of the Unknown", a revival of the Jack Kirby and Joe Simon creation.

The Panel Scanners Episode 73

This month, the crew talks about everything they have missed in the world of comic, gaming, film, tv, and even theme park news in While We Were Away, then discuss the potential of a burgeoning Disney pop culture monopoly. A big thanks again to all those who came out for Carol & John's Comic Shop Free Comic Book Day Midnight Release Party event and special thanks to everyone at C&Js.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Part Three

Live from Carol and John's Comic Shop in Cleveland, Phil grills Darren with some Ridiculous Comic Book Trivia, Darren has a RetroActive Review of X-Men and The Teen Titans (Marvel, DC 1982), all your faves and not-so-faves in "Stick, Stuck, Pick, Sayonara", and Phil and Darren are joined by more FCBD 2018 revelers.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Part Two

The second part of our live appearance from Carol and John's Comic Shop in Cleveland for FCBD 2018. Phil and Darren talk comics, cosplay, and trivia with a number of quests from the Midnight Release Party. The top news is discussed in "While We Were Away", and they talk about some comic creators the duo can't help but follow.